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    Zombie Party Inspiration

    October 10, 2013

    Halloween is a fun time to get creative, especially with a party.  At Swanky Press we are loving the zombie party trend simply because there’s so much room to get creative! From your invitation to decor to food, bring out the zombies and enjoy some inspiration here.

    Zombie Party Inspiration copy

    Find all of this great inspiration on the web, from top to bottom, left to right.

    #1:  This Halloween decor looks great on a mantel, from One Kings Lane.

    #2:  These spooky zombie hands go under your door!

    #3:  This zombie apocalypse invitation can be found at Swanky Press.

    #4:  How about a dip with carrot fingers?  We love this healthy scary food here!

    #5:  Candle votives or shot glasses, you decide!  These vintage skull and bones stickers go right on your glassware.

    #6:  R.I.P. desserts are perfect for a zombie party.

    #7:  Brain cupcakes anyone?

    #8:  The back of the zombie apocalypse invitation from Swanky Press can be displayed on your buffet table. Or enjoy a free printable here! 

    #9:  Enjoy this great sign that we found for the season on Etsy.

    #10:  No happy pumpkins at a zombie party! Only scary pumpkins like this!

    So what do you think? Are you ready to host a Zombie party?  Stay tuned for more great Halloween party inspiration coming up on Simply Swanky.