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    Astronaut in Space Party Inspiration

    September 3, 2015

    3, 2, 1… Blast off!  Everyone loves a good space party, and this astronaut theme covers all the bases!  I’ve gathered up some of my favorite ideas here, and included links to all of these wonderful sites below the photo.  Check out my Pinterest astronaut party idea board for new ideas as I keep adding them.

    TIP:  Check back later this week because we’ll be offering a free printable Space Party item!


    1. Invitations by Swanky Press (printed and DIY are both available).

    2. Jet Pack DIY Craft (using recycled 2-liter bottles!) – found on DoodleCraft.

    3. Moon Cake from AllForTheBoys.

    4. Moon Rocks (chocolates in scrunched up aluminum foil) from Mondocherry.

    5.  Astronaut Cookies from SugarySweetThings.

    6. Planet Mobiles from The Sweetest Occasion.

    7.  Space Shuttle Place Cards from Babble.

    8.  Favor tags (or stickers) from Swanky Press, of course!

    8. Rocket Ship Straw Toppers (DIY & Printable!) from Buggy and Buddy.

    9. DIY Rocket Favors from

    10. Planet cupcake wrappers from Your Little Cupcake.

    11. DIY Star Garland from PiggyBankParties.


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