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    Cute as a Button

    February 1, 2012

    I had a wonderful, long-term client request a “cute as a button” baby shower invitation last week, and I thought I’d pull together some ideas for her to take her party over the top. I’ll be posting a DIY tutorial on Friday for the button flowers, so stay tuned!

    I’ll keep adding ideas to my Pinterest button board over time, so if you like what you see, make sure to follow my boards.  Keep reading after the inspiration board to find the sources for these cute finds!

    1.  The Cake

    I fell in love with this cake when I saw it on the Miso Bakes Blog.   The fondant buttons are simply adorable!

    2.  The Invitation

    I designed this invitation to match the color scheme my client was using – but, of course, we could update it to match any scheme you want for your party. You can this modern invitation at Swanky Press or on Etsy.

    3.  Button Flowers

    I love the idea of making these fun button flowers for the centerpiece – and to scatter in vases all around the party.  The DIY tutorial will be posted on Friday, so stay tuned!

    4.  Button Napkin Rings

    You can add buttons to all sorts of things for the party, but I especially loved this idea by Burnt Creative.  You can head over to their blog for a full DIY tutorial.

    5.  Cupcakes

    These fondant button cupcake toppers are as sweet as could be – and you can buy them at Sweet Lavender Bake Shop on etsy.  Another idea would be to add these to a frosted cake to give it a very custom look.

    6. Button Bowl

    This idea is so simple that’s it’s brilliant.  Take a balloon and cover it with glue.  Line up buttons on the balloon/glue and let dry.  Pop the balloon and you have a seriously cool bowl!  I pinned this on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and it shot all around the site like wildfire.  The bowl in the photo was designed and created by Knoop.

    7.  Button Garland

    This idea is just stunning – and would be so simple to create.  You can go over the top and add the garland throughout the party location, or, if your time/budget is more limited, create a garland above the dessert table only.  You can see this idea (originally from a very cool wedding) on The Wedding Chicks.

    8.  Button Lollipops

    These blueberry flavored button lollipops would be great on the dessert table, or could be the perfect party favor to take home.  You can find a tutorial on how to make them on The Daily Mixer blog from The Layer Cake Shop.  They sell the button candy molds there, too.  I’ve got to be honest here, I ended up wandering around their shop for a really long time (in a virtual sense)…there are too many fun baking supplies!

    9. Button Wine Charms

    These button wine charms from RBK Creations on etsy would be a great touch at the shower.  She’s got a ton of other fun button things in her shop, too.

    10.  Button Soap

    This adorable button soap would be great as a party favor – but make sure you put a bar in the bathroom at the shower, too. It would be such a fun way to incorporate the button theme throughout the house!  You can find it on Hello Crafty on etsy.

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